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guestisbest's Journal

two left feet
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a mighty wind, agnes moorhead, baby talk, beatrice, being a winner, best in show, blaine mo., bloodhounds, catherine ohara, christy cummings, corky saint clair, deleted scenes, eugene levy, folk music, fred willard, gerry & cookie fleck, god loves a terrier, good movies, harlan pepper, hitchin', hubert, j crew catalogs, laughing, lesley & shireyann cabot, mayflower kennel club, meg & hamilton swan, michael mckean, mitch & mickey, naming nuts, not talking, parker posey, pg-13, pickin, poodles, ramblin, red, rhapsody in white, scott & stefan, showing dogs, singin, singing and dancing, snowpeas, soup, spinal tap, starbucks, stools, talking, terriers, the blue ribbon, the busy bee, the folksmen, the outdoors, therapy, turtle woman, turtlenecks, two left feet, waiting for guffman, white, wishin